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Chat with Daniel Sklaar, the Brooklyn Chocolatier


For The 24th Letter, Janera Soerel talks to Daniel Sklaar, the founder of the Brooklyn chocolate company FINE & RAW. Daniel is a former investment banker who turned to chocolate, and has become a real connoisseur of this ancient delicacy. 

Daniel Sklaar: Hi chocolate peeps. I was just finishing my baguette and chocolate breakfast. Apologies for the delay.

JS: Delicious! But not milk chocolate, I’m assuming? Tell us a little bit about how you got to founding FINE & RAW. What drove you from finance to chocolate?

DS: Well, my boilerplate answer is usually that I’m possessed by the chocolate gods and they made me do it.

There is a little more history to the story. I had an amazing experience in high finance in New York, but after two years decided that it was time to pursue something closer to my heart. I traveled, explored many parts of the globe and ended up working as a chef. In the kitchen is where I discovered my passion for chocolate. » Read more «