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JANERA curates conversations. We speak to a generation of active participants in our ever-changing world who are a mix of urban, educated, interested, and influential individuals. By successfully straddling the space between the online social media and offline live events, we occupy a unique position.We have taken global subjects like Health & Wellness, Technology,  Immigration, Transportation, and Global Capitalism out of academic and activist circles making these subjects attractive and accessible to a larger audience. Our events have been held in different cities and streamed online on FORA.TV.

For our clients, we design and produce programs which include high-profile fundraisers, provocative debates, smart salons, concerts, private screenings, and intimate dinners with world-renowned speakers.Depending on the desires of the client, we enhance the intellectual with poetry, dance, art, and music. The team also oversees the production of all media related to the events, including written reviews, photography, live-streaming, and video.